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Engineering Plans


Y.F.M provides a wide range of solutions to suit applications ranging from Potable water,

Sewage water, to Irrigation water.

Blue Water

Fields of Activity

  • Water resources development and municipal water supply. 

  • Ground and surface water resources. 

  • Hydrology and water studies.

  •  Regional, municipal and rural master plans. 

  • Water treatment storage and service reservoirs. 

  • Pumping and booster stations. 

  •  Distribution systems. 

  •  Boreholes for groundwater utilization. 

  •  Remote control installations for automatic operations of water systems pipe conduits.


Wastewater and

waste disposal

  • Sewerage reticulation schemes.

  • Pumping stations and rising mains. 

  • Main outfall lines.

Irrigating Fields


  • Irrigation Systems (Drip, Mini Sprinklers, Overhead Sprinklers.)

  • Linear machines and Pivot centers.

  • Underground (SDI) drip irrigation and vacuum prevention devices.

  • Small scale farming design by gravity.

  • Electricity or diesel according to the needs.

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